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Lisse Design 12 week blowdry is designed for anyone that has curly, frizzy, unruly hard to manage hair. This treatment works into the hair replenishing the hair shaft from roots to ends leaving the hair feeling straight sleek super shiny and easy to manage.

What is it?
A keratin-enriched treatment designed to tame unruly tresses. A protein formula is sealed into hair cuticles leaving it smooth and sleek for weeks to come. As well as being glossy, hair is left in perfect condition and that salon blow-dry can be yours with a minimum of effort from the comfort of your own home!

What's the process?
Arriving at the salon, hair is prepped with a cleansing balm to strip the hair of oils before a protein-rich treatment is applied to hair section by section. Hair is then blow-dryed before the product is sealed deep into the hair with ceramic straighteners. Once you've been sealed, hair is washed and blow-dryed and the shiny new you is revealed to the world at large.

How does it work?
As well as keratin, the mix contains a blend of cocoa, plant vitamins and red clay which penetrate damaged tresses creating a barrier which in turn helps avoid future damage. The treatment also relaxes hair making it easier to achieve that salon perfect blow-dry at home.

Is it permanent?
The treatment washes out gradually and after 12 weeks you're due a top-up.

What are the benefits?
As keratin is a natural protein found in hair and nails, the treatment works as a potent conditioner which improves the strength of your hair and makes it easier to manage. As hair becomes strengthened and conditioned, it retains the bounce and the need for intensive styling is reduced. Although it does wear off, the rate at which your hair loses moisture is lessened and that wild mane is easier to tame.

Who likes it?
Jennifer Aniston, Nichole Richie, Ashley Tisdale and Halle Berry are all said to be big fans.

This service is €170 and includes lisse design shampoo and conditioner

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beauty salon gorey hairdressser courtown

beauty salon gorey hairdressser courtown

beauty salon gorey hairdressser courtown

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